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Galaxy organizes Grand Prix-related activities

The Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) organized a series of Grand Prix related activities for the community apart from extending its support to the major sports event.

These community activities included GEG’s invitation for members from various local organizations to visit the Macao Grand Prix Museum, participate in an exclusive session at the Pit Stop Challenge at Galaxy Macau, and to watch the races.

Through these activities, GEG hoped to promote the Grand Prix’s excitement, and engage the different sectors through sports, the gaming operator said in a statement.

Supporting the Youth Volunteer Association of Macao’s “One Day Volunteer” event for the 10th year, GEG invited nearly 20 older adults to visit the Macao Grand Prix Museum and learn about the event’s 70 years of history in Macau.

Accompanied by members of the GEG Volunteer Team and the museum’s guide, the visitors were given a tour where they could appreciate the racing exhibits, experience interactive games, and gain insights into Macau’s motorsports culture.

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