GEG holds blessing ceremony for dragon boat team

Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) held a blessing ceremony for the four dragon boat teams consisting of its team members from various properties.
For the 16th consecutive year, GEG will participate in the 2021 Macau International Dragon Boat Races.
GEG dragon boats are named Galaxy Pearl, Galaxy Glamour, Galaxy Phoenix and Galaxy Elegance. The executives officiated the eye dotting rituals, shared the roasted pig with the dragon boat team members, and distributed red packets to the teams as a gesture of support and best wishes for a good race.
Tyson Hoi, the coach and captain of the GEG Dragon Boat Team, said, “The company values the team and provides us with encouragement and all kinds of support. As the race approaches, our teams have intensified its training and will continue do our best to achieve good results and demonstrate the GEG Dragon Boat Team’s team spirit.”

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