GEG hosts movie session in celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival

With the approach of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) invited members and clients of local organizations to the “Mid-Autumn Fun – ‘Zero to Hero’ Movie Screening and Sharing Session.”
During the event, GEG also gave the participants specially designed cookies and traditional mooncakes.
The event was held at Galaxy Cinemas in Galaxy Macau, with the participation of over 160 members and their families from the four social service associations and GEG team members.
These associations included Macao Special Olympics (MSO), the Richmond Fellowship of Macau, Macau IC2 Association, Concordia School for Special Education, as well as team members from the GEG Runner’s Club and the Volunteer Team.
Upholding its philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community,” GEG said that it has held different community events during various festive seasons in order to spread love and care in the community.

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