Gov’t adds 12 new items to immovable assets heritage list

The government has added 12 new items to the immovable assets heritage list for the purpose of classification and protection, the Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheong announced yesterday in a press conference organized by the Executive Council.
The 12 new inclusions are the third batch of immovable assets listed by the government, comprising a total of seven memorial items, four buildings of unique architecture, and one architecture cluster.
Among the newly listed are fragments and remnants related to the Ruins of Saint Paul’s College surrounds as well as several items related to the former Ká Hó Leprosarium in Coloane.
This third batch will be included in the list of assets to be classified and protected through an administrative regulation that enters into force the day after its publication in the government’s official gazette. RM

New listings

Memorial Item
• Historical remains found in an open ditch in the rock substratum, at Rua de D. Belchior Carneiro
• The Ruins of Saint Paul’s College, which include the remains of the College, in Calçada de S. Paulo, sections of the Old Wall in Pátio do Espinho, and the section of the Old Wall in Beco do Craveiro
• Seak Kam Tong Hang Toi Pagoda, at Travessa da Ponte, No. 7, in Macau
• Sam Seng Pagoda, on the land plot next to Nossa Senhora de Ká Hó Road, in Coloane
• Pier No. 1, at Largo do Pagode da Barra, in Macau
• The former Taipa Pier, at Rotunda Tenente P.J. da Silva Loureiro, in Taipa
• The Coloane Pier, at Largo do Cais, in Coloane

Building of
Unique Architecture
• Building at Calçada da Vitória, No. 55, in Macau
• Building on Estrada Nova, no. 2, in Macau
• Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia Home, at Largo da Companhia, 17-21, in Macau
• The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows at Nossa Senhora de Ká Hó Road, No. 239, in Coloane

Architectural Cluster
• Former Ká Hó Leprosarium of Vila de Nossa Senhora, on Estrada de Nossa Senhora de Ká Hó, No. 239, in Coloane

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