Gov’t lowers maximum income ceiling, assets for public housing applicants

The government has decided to reduce the maximum income ceiling for public housing applicants by about 7%. The decision was communicated through a Chief Executive order published in the government’s office gazette yesterday.

Under the new guidelines, the monthly income ceiling for a single applicant is now set at MOP35,650, while for a family of two or more people, it is set at MOP71,310.

This time, adjustments were only made to the maximum ceiling, with the lower thresholds remaining at MOP12,750 for a single candidate, MOP19,270 for a household of two people, MOP26,020 for a household of three people, and up to MOP37,300 for a household of seven or more people.

Changes were also made to the maximum limits for assets value, which are now set at MOP1,122.200 for a single candidate and MOP2,244,400 for a household of two or more people. Both limits have been reduced by about 10.5%.

The government has announced that a new phase of public housing application tenders will be opened within the year, encompassing five public housing projects.  RM

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