Gov’t reclaims ‘Ocean World’ land plot


The SAR government reclaimed the debated Taipa land plot originally slated for the “Ocean World” theme park but left desolate for decades on Tuesday. The authorities, through a cross-departmental collaboration, reclaimed a long stretch of state-owned land in Taipa, measuring a total area of 193,775 square meters.
The two plots of land had been cluttered with makeshift houses made of metal boards, vehicles, containers and many other debris. Despite a clearance warning published by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau earlier, which requested that the people involved vacate and return the plots within the specified period, the area had still been left abandoned. In view of the expiration of the clearance period, the government cleared and reclaimed the two fields on Tuesday.
The land plots recovered by the government were composed of two types of land, including the invalid land grant and illegally occupied land. The invalid land grant, spanning 134,891 square meters, is located at Taipa’s waterfront, across from the Regency Art Hotel. It was previously granted in 1997 to a company, Chong Va – Entretenimento Limitada, designated for the development of “Ocean World.” However, work on the construction of Ocean World never commenced. In December 2018, the government launched the annulment of the land concession for the original site of the theme park due to its long-overdue development. Staff Reporter

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