GREAT TIMES | Easter: Traditions meets treats

As we herald the arrival of Spring with its warmer weather and budding flowers, we also welcome one of the most anticipated holidays of the season: Easter. This celebration marks an important event in Christianity. It’s also a fun-filled time for all as families unite over a sumptuous meal and children hunt for Easter eggs and chomp on chocolate bunnies. But wait a minute, how did this tradition of eggs and bunnies begin?

The history of Easter eggs can be traced back to Medieval Europe. One of the most popular stories originated in the 13th century, when residents of English villages brought gifts of Easter eggs to their churches as a special offering on Good Friday. These eggs were dyed red, a colour that signified happiness and joy. Through the years, the eggs evolved to become even more colorful and vibrant, with chocolate eggs being a particular favorite among children and adults alike.

The Easter bunny, on the other hand, is as mythical as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. That said, this furry creature’s Easter role is quite easily explained. Back in the day, many people celebrated the springtime renewal of life by thanking the goddess of dawn and spring, Eastre — and it’s no coincidence that her name sounds very similar to Easter. The goddess Eastre was associated with newborns during spring. As rabbits are known to be rapid breeders, it wasn’t long before the idea of a bunny became closely associated with the Easter celebrations of today.

Thanks to years and years of traditions and celebrations, the Easter of today isn’t quite the same without these two icons. And this year will be no different as MGM brings combine these festive favorites with plenty of delicious food and fun to make Easter a truly memorable affair.

At MGM COTAI, choose from a champagne brunch with magic show at Grill 58; lunch with face painting, Easter egg games and a lucky draw at Coast; as well as irresistible carrot cake treats and egg painting at Janice Wong MGM. If you’re at MGM MACAU, don’t miss the buffet lunch with a magic show and balloon twisting at Rossio; fancy French-style afternoon tea at Aux Beaux Arts; as well as the chance to taste beautifully shaped Easter bunny and Easter egg desserts at the Pastry Bar. There’ll also be a host of Easter games with dining vouchers, and chocolate Easter egg giveaways to make it a celebration to remember.

Don’t miss these fun events. Call 8802 8888 for MGM MACAU and 8806 8888 for MGM COTAI if you wish to make a reservation or for enquiries.

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