Great Times | MGM ‘Virtual Exhibition’ – Chole Ho

Let’s take a deep dive into the art discourse of MGM Chairman’s Collection at “Awakening” Special Exhibition of “Art Macao 2021”.

Artist of the Session – Chole Ho, b.1987

Belonging to a new generation of talented artists from Hong Kong, Ho is well versed in applying oriental mediums like Chinese ink, spray paint, blue ink, and acrylics in her works. As Ho maintains an eye for the unexpected yet aesthetically familiar, her multicultural background also ensures a seamless blend of East and West elements that help make a bold, yet personal statement.

One of her art pieces in the MGM Chairman’s Collection titled “Blue Mountain” is emblematic of Ho’s artistic propositions. Her unique brush technique creates a special texture of the ink. The main body of the mountains is composed by ink block and varied in shades, creating different mountainous scenes with the help of a little imagination. A touch of brown appears on the right side of the piece, adding a sense of uncertainty to the overall composition. Seen from another perspective, the piece brings us a pastoral landscape through the lens of a misty glass window, seemingly making the statement that “beauty is not afar no matter what obstacles stand in the way”.

“Mountain Rising”

Painters usually emphasize the grandness of mountains with rigid lines, but Ho attempted to use a mellow brush stroke to outline the mounts border, applying different patterns to reinterpret the traditional Chinese landscape. A soft brown color from coffee endows the picture mobility, if have something is breaking through the soil. Ho’s spiritual expression towards the nature allows beholder to have further association to appreciate her works.

MGM “Awakening” Special Exhibition at MGM COTAI   is opened 24 hours for the public. Visit to explore the masterpieces of the renowned artists and immerse in the artistic atmosphere all day and night!

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