Great Times | Techno-cultural Dance Drama Immersing the arts of Lion Dance, Southern Fist

Wherever there is Chinese, there is Lion Dance”. This December, MGM and Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater are ready to heat up your winter with the techno-cultural dance drama “MGM Awakening Lion”. Starring the principal dancers of Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater: Iiliwan Umar, Peng Guanyu and Zhu Jinhu, this re-arranged and tailor-made drama according to the best dance drama in the China Dance Lotus Awards is going to get your adrenalin going. 

Featuring a cluster of multiple cultural elements, including lion dance, Southern Fist (Nanquan), and dance performances, this 70-minute dance drama intertwined traditional lion dance moves with exquisite dance arrangements, successfully redefined lion dance upon its traditional charm, passing on the spirit of Chinese from generation to generation.  Leverages the cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment of the MGM Theater, it blends ancient intangible heritage with virtual reality, showcasing the new possibilities in the utilization and preservation of Lingnan cultural heritage. This unique exuberance experience of dance performance and mesmerizing stage effect is ready to leave you in awe and on the edge of your seat amid the powerful martial arts and breathtaking stunts. 

The must-see show of this year, “MGM Awakening Lion” is ready to connect the Chinese people all over the world. Embark a whole new multi-sensory journey with the first residency show in MGM Theater this December! Tickets are now available at from MOP280.

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