Health head backs up home quarantine foreign workers  

Head of the Health Bureau (SSM) has straightly backed up home quarantine foreign workers and disagreed with doubts and unfair questioning towards home quarantined foreign workers who have been infected with COVID-19.

During today’s press conference, the Health Bureau Director Lei Chin Ion spoke against unfair suspicion on one of the Pilipino women who has been confirmed with COVID-19 infection during her home quarantine. This woman is the 31th case. She lives in an apartment with six roommates, all of whom have been tested negative for the coronavirus.

Some of Macau’s public opinions suspected that home quarantine is infective because four infections have been confirmed from home quarantine individuals and this 31th case patient has been living with six roommates.

As a medical professional and head of the health authority, Lei defended both home quarantine and this 31th case patient.

“Some residents don’t believe home quarantine [is effective] because this woman lives in an apartment with six people. However, all these roommates have been tested negative,” said Lei.

“If there is an opinion that home-quarantine is not effective, or if there is a loophole in home-quarantine measures, I can say that a strict home quarantine is the same as a hotel quarantine,” Lei noted.

The four patients were completely “locked  themselves up” during the quarantine, Lei commented.

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