Health | No update on number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan since Jan. 5

Since the January 5 update on influenza cases, the Wuhan government has seemingly stopped providing the latest developments on the mainland city’s mysterious pneumonia outbreak.

On January 5, China’s National Health Commission released information on the Wuhan epidemic. Fifty-nine cases of viral pneumonia of unknown origin were reported in the mainland city west of Shanghai. Seven people were seriously ill, but the number of severe cases has since decreased.

Macau health authorities have updated the number of suspected or possible cases more frequently. At present, there have been no confirmed reports of the Wuhan pneumonia in Macau.

Yesterday, during a TDM radio program, Lam Chong, director of the Health Bureau’s (SSM) Center for Disease Prevention and Control, reaffirmed that the exact nature of the disease is yet to be ascertained.

Yesterday afternoon, the SSM issued a statement addressing an online rumor claiming that Macau had a shortage of masks.

The SSM claims that the bureau has collected the relevant information about the storage and sale of masks in all pharmacies in Macau.

According to the SSM, most of the 294 pharmacies in Macau have masks available. Only about 8% have not been able to keep up with the rapid increase in the demand for face masks.

Today, the SSM will give a talk to doctors of private clinics on Macau’s measures to handle the development of the mysterious Wuhan pneumonia.

As of Monday afternoon, Macau had recorded a total of eight cases of people who had both developed influenza symptoms and visited Wuhan, Hubei province in the past 14 days. 

Of the eight who have been admitted to the city’s medical institutions since the start of January, seven were diagnosed with an influenza-like viral infection or the common cold, while one remains in isolation. None of these cases involve the Wuhan pneumonia.

The patient in isolation is a 44-year-old tourist from Wuhan. Yesterday, Macau health authorities indicated the tourist would probably be discharged soon.

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