Health SSM expects cyclical peaks of Covid infection in the future

Only 0.5% of medical consultation cases involve Covid-19 infection, according to the director of the Health Bureau (SSM), Alvis Lo. However, there may be cyclical peaks of infection of Covid-19 in the future.

According to the monitoring system of SSM, there are 600 to 700 medical consultations per day. Among them, 0.5% were Covid-19 cases, which means there is one case in every 200 samples. There are almost no cases reported on the online self-reporting platform, he said.

Lo noted that people may be infected by new Covid variants three to six months after a round of natural infection because of their decreased immunity.

57% of Macau residents have received the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Thus, Lo still called for citizens to receive the third or fourth dose of booster to better protect themselves.

According to the official, citizens do not have as much need for masks and rapid antigen test kits, but many people still buy them from the guaranteed supply scheme.

The guaranteed masks and rapid antigen test kits supply scheme will continue in the short run, and medication is also sufficient. The medical and early-warning systems in Macau will be able to meet increased needs if the condition of the pandemic changes.

Lo added that monitoring and early-warning system can help with dynamic analysis and in finding changes in the epidemic and related reasons, for example, influenza or the Norwalk virus, for better deployment of treatment and solutions. Staff Reporter

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