Macau doctors to do training in Hong Kong

Macau doctors are scheduled to attended specialist training in Hong Kong in 2024, following the launch of new training program by the SARs. Hong

IAS reinstates mandatory mask use at aged care homes

The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) has reinstated face mask requirements for aged care homes and rehabilitation centers. Effective immediately, IAS has justified the measure by

China says a surge in respiratory illnesses caused by flu, other known pathogens

A surge in respiratory illnesses across China that has drawn the attention of the World Health Organization is caused by the flu and other known pathogens and

Health Bureau reports 15 suicide cases for Q3

Health Bureau (SSM) has reported a 4.3% decline in the number of suicides during the third quarter (Q3) of this year compared to the same period last year.

Nearly 800 being followed up with rehab services

The Health Bureau (SSM) has announced that its psychiatric service team has so far followed up on 786 cases to provide care, support and rehabilitation services

SSM extends Healthy Eating campaign to delivery platforms

The Health Bureau (SSM) has extended its Healthy Eating campaign to the city’s three food delivery platforms: Aomi; mFood; and Tikbee, the SSM has revealed.

Public hospital’s A&E demand easing, 30% are flu cases

Demand for accident and emergency services at the government hospital declined last week, with approximately 30% of cases related to the flu, local media has reported.

Two cases of serious bacterial infection on Macau beaches

The infections were caused by the bacterium Vibrio vulnificus, a pathogenic bacterium of the genus Vibrio, present in marine environments such as estuaries, brackish ponds, or coastal

Health Bureau warns about dengue fever amid regional intensity

Members of the public are reminded of the risks of dengue fever as conditions across the region gradually intensify, Health Bureau (SSM) noted in a

Macau reports first monkeypox case

Macau has reported the first case of monkeypox in the city, urging people at high risk to be vaccinated against the disease. The patient is a

Food recalls are pretty common for things like rocks, insects and plastic

Rocks in Trader Joe’s cookies. Insects in its broccoli-cheese soup. Pieces of plastic in Banquet frozen chicken strips. In recent weeks, U.S. consumers have seen

SSM: Gov’t’s mental health resources sufficient

The public hospital’s Department of Psychiatry has diagnosed a total of 200 residents in 2022 with common mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and others.

Lawmaker criticizes current suicide prevention mechanism for being reactive

Macau's current suicide prevention mechanism is too passive, does not help the situation and instead causes stress for response teams, lawmaker Ron Lam has criticized in

MO-HK signs medical cooperation agreement

A five-year cooperation agreement has been signed between Macau and Hong Kong on several areas of healthcare, the Health Bureau (SSM) announced. A delegation from the Hong

China proposes to limit children’s smartphone time to max 2 hours a day

China's internet watchdog has laid out regulations to curb the amount of time children spend on their smartphones, in the latest blow to firms such as

No CHCSJ staff to relocate to Cotai hospital at its opening

Medical staff at the public hospital will not be relocated to the future Cotai hospital during the early phase of its opening, the government has

Medical Committee discusses Macau doctors practicingin Hengqin

At its 11th meeting for the current term, the Medical Committee has discussed arrangements for Macau medical professionals to practice in Hengqin. Alvis Lo,

SSM exports 15 patients for organ transplantation in past four years

Between 2018 and 2022, 15 patients in Macau have been sent elsewhere for organ transplants, Acting Director Cheang Seng Ip of the Health Bureau (SSM)

Malaria cases in Texas and Florida are the first US spread since 2003, CDC says

The United States has seen five cases of malaria spread by mosquitos in the last two months — the first time there’s been local spread in

Monkeypox vaccine soon available: gov’t

A monkeypox vaccine will soon be available to people 18 years-of-age or older, the Health Bureau (SSM) revealed at an orientation session for its frontline staff.

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