Hegarty’s death at Grand Prix due to ‘minute error’

Motorcyclist Daniel Hegarty’s death in a crash at the Macau Grand Prix in November 2017 occurred due to a “minute error,” a British coroner heard.

The BBC reports that a police forensic collision report indicated that Hegarty applied the brakes “too late” compared to his previous laps, Nottingham’s Council House heard.

In their report, Nottinghamshire Police said moments before the crash, Hegarty reduced his speed later than on previous laps, suggesting that if he had managed to slow down earlier, he would have “successfully negotiated the bend.”

Assistant coroner James Hargan said that “the bike in all aspects was in perfect working order” and that the crash was the result “of the most minute error” on a notoriously dangerous circuit, concluding that Hegarty’s death was accidental.
Hegarty, who was 31 years old, had previously demonstrated his talent at Road Racing events like North West 200 and Ulster Grand Prix.

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