Hide Yamamoto reopens at Studio City

Located at Studio City, the restaurant Hide Yamamoto will reopen today offering a brand new menu featuring Edomae sushi, teppanyaki and modern robatayaki, delivering the authentic taste of Japan.
According to a statement, the newly launched menu is categorized into cold dishes, warm dishes, sushi and sashimi, sushi rolls, robatayaki, teppanyaki, rice and desserts, and also offers a seven-course teppanyaki set menu and an eight-course premium sushi set menu.
The restaurant was founded by the eponymous chef Hide Yamamoto, recipient of the Global Chef Award from the World Gourmet Summit.
The restaurant is led by a team of veteran chefs who are equipped with knowledge and skills passed down through generations. They use their expertise in each area of the kitchen to transform fresh seafood and seasonal produce flown in from Japan into exquisite Edomae sushi, teppanyaki and modern robatayaki delicacies, presenting a gourmet journey through the Japanese culinary arts.


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