HK microbiologist worried about status quo

As Hong Kong introduces stricter restrictions on those entering from the mainland, Yuen Kwok Yung, a top Hong Kong microbiologist and professor at the University of Hong Kong, has indicated that the city is about to face a community outbreak.
The academic has been outspoken during the epidemic, and has repeatedly asked the Hong Kong government to close its borders. The city has currently closed four of its borders, and requires people entering from the mainland, including its own residents, to enter monitored quarantine for 14 days upon arriving in Hong Kong.
Yuen has told Hong Kong media outlets that the chain of infection must be disconnected as early as possible. Earlier, he estimated that as many as 1.4 million people in Hong Kong – close to 20% of the city’s population – would be infected by novel coronavirus. This estimate has so far remained unchanged.
According to Yuen, the virus’s ability to spread is strong. Macau’s Health Bureau, however, holds a relatively contrasting view. Officials from the Bureau have mentioned several times that the virus’s main mode of transmission is contact and droplets.
What is agreed between Yuen and the Macau Health Bureau is the necessity of wearing facemasks, maintaining cleanliness and avoiding crowded places.
As of press time, the coronavirus has claimed 565 lives around the world. In mainland China, 563 patients have died and 1,305 have recovered. There are 22 cases in Hong Kong, the highest number besides the mainland. There have been 10 confirmed infections in Macau, with one person reporting a full recovery. AL

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