Hundreds participate in CEM fun fair

2 IMG_6471The local energy provider Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) organized its Energy Fun Fair 2014 yesterday at Tap Seac Square. With the theme “Energy Saving and Safety” the company invited students from 13 local secondary schools to set up game booths so that the public could learn more about conserving energy and energy safety. CEM suggested that local residents, including more than 1,000 students from those 13 schools, participated in the event.
The Times spoke to two students from Escola Secundária Pui Ching, Miss Chou and Miss Wong, who were responsible for running a game booth. They said that they have learnt more about electricity from the preparation for the event.
Miss Wong said that they had been working on the design for the booth since May. “We have in fact [learnt more about energy saving through preparing for the booth]. This is because during our preparation, we had to surf the Internet to find the required information. Basically all of us here [running the booth] are from the arts sector and we probably didn’t have a very good knowledge of electricity. Through searching for the information, we were able to learn something that we normally would not have encountered,” she said.
During his speech at the closing ceremony, the chairman of CEM’s executive committee, Bernie Leong, said that the CEM Energy Fun Fair has always been popular among residents. He was also glad that teachers and students were using the fair as part of their extra-curricular activities.
“Through the Energy Fun Fair, we aim to promote environmentally friendly and safe ways of using energy in the daily lives of residents, as well as enhancing the interest in learning among the younger generation. This event is also an opportunity to bring families together and spend a memorable day with [CEM] while learning and having fun,” he said.
At the end of the event, the organizer also announced the winners of various prizes. Students from the Colégio do Sagrado Coração de Jesus (English Section) were able to win several awards, including the best in the talent contest and best cheering group; while Escola Kwong Tai was able to pocket the award for the best booth design.

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