IAS to launch autism center in 2020

Choi Sio Un

dedicated center for high-functioning autistic citizens is expected in late 2020, according to the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).

Following an event on autism, Choi Sio Un, head of the department of social solidarity of the IAS told the media that the Bureau is working on a dedicated care center for autistic citizens aged 16 and above who are not mentally handicapped.

The center will be opened to help such citizens better cope with regular social life. Specialized support in areas of interpersonal communications and vocational development will be provided at the center.

As Choi introduced, many autistic people have a narrow range of interests or are fond of repetitive actions. Therefore, special training schemes will be available at the center to stimulate their interest in order for them to acquire certain skills.

Support for parents of autistic children will also be offered at the future center, including counseling, childcare instruction and parent-child communications.

The center is under planning. Construction is expected to commence in early 2020, an it will be located in the public housing project at Fai Chi Kei.

Meanwhile, the Macau Autism Association is organizing a series of events this month to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day, such as art appreciation excursions and art training workshops. St. Paul’s Ruins and the Macau Tower will also be illuminated in blue, which is the symbolic color of autism care.  Staff reporter

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