IC ‘highly concerned’ over alleged staff breach

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) is highly concerned with the allegations against one of its staff members on violating the duty of confidentiality, the bureau remarked in a statement.
In addition, it stressed that it would fully comply with the investigation of the judiciary.The suspect, aged 36 years and surnamed Lou, started working at the IC in 2011 and worked, prior to his arrest, as senior technician.
On March 12, the Judiciary Police (PJ) received a report from the IC about the suspicion over the bureau’s staff member handing internal materials, which should have been kept confidential, to a Chinese media organization.
Moreover, the staff member even posted the materials to the website of the Chief Executive’s Office.
After initial investigation, the PJ requested the suspect’s presence at the police station. During further investigations, the police unearthed a file in Lou’s personal computer. The file was identical to the materials Lou had provided to the Chinese press.
The police noted that the date of setting up the file was earlier than that of the case. AL

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