ID not fully aware of big six proposals for sports

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the launching of this year’s Dragon Boat Races event, the Sports Bureau (ID) president, Pun Weng Kun, said the entity responsible for supervising all sports events and activities in Macau is not fully aware of which kind of events or activities have been proposed by the six gaming concessionaires (Big Six) in relation to sports.

Responding to media questions, Pun said the concessionaires are not dealing with this matter with the ID but, instead, are negotiating directly with the government. He noted the ID is only aware of part of the proposals when the government discloses the details.

According to the same official, so far it is known there is the intention of resuming several events that have occurred in the past such as tennis, golf and martial arts, but that none of these events have been completely greenlighted or placed in the annual event calendar to date.

On Wednesday, the executive director of SJM, Daisy Ho, revealed the company’s proposal included hosting or financing all events so far mentioned, not being clear at this point, what the proposals of the other concessionaires are. RM

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