Implementation of national security law in HK reference for Macau: Security chief

The implementation of the in the national security law in neighboring Hong Kong serves as a reference for Macau, according to Wong Sio Chak, Secretary for Security.
Wong spoke at a media briefing last Friday after a virtual seminar on the retrospective and prospective outcomes of the first year’s implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong. Wong observed that “the first anniversary of the implementation […] is of great importance since its application had a profound impact, enriched and perfected the principle of the ‘One country, two systems’ regime, [and is in that sense] an important reference for Macau.”
The Secretary also quoted the vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and director of the Office for Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, Xia Baolong, who similarly recognized the value and relevance of implementing the same law during the videoconference.
According to Xia, the full application of the law in the neighboring region “helped Hong Kong to move from a situation of chaos to stability, demonstrating that the law came into force at the right time and that it had [positive] effects on the stability and security of the Hong Kong.”
Noting that Macau has had an established regime for the protection of State Security for many years, Wong added that, in the last few years, local authorities have been working to improve the local process, promoting amendments and the inclusion of new areas such as cybersecurity law, among others.
In this work of improving local laws, Macau has been learning from and taking into account developments in the Hong Kong region, he remarked.

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