IPIM approved over 2,000 qualified staff residency applications in 15 years, 403 on renewal

The Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) has approved a total of 2,084 temporary residency applications for technicians with special qualifications over a period of 15 years, IPIM said in a press statement.

The figure is related to applications made under the Administrative Regulation Number 3/2005, related to the Temporary Residency Regime for Investors, Management and Technical Personnel, and reports on the period from 2005 to 2019.

According to the same statement, the education sector received the largest number of approvals from the government, accountable for 36.2% of all applications approved (754 people).

Following the education sector was the architecture-related sector, for which the government approved 428 applicants, which accounts for 20.5%.

The third highest sector was aviation with 10.3% (214 applicants), the IPIM noted.

The IPIM also said that, at the present moment, there are a total of 211 temporary residency renewal applications by technicians with special qualifications that are being processed, involving a total of 403 people.

The IPIM also justified some delay in the processing of the requests as being due to the “government’s respect by the adjudication of the court, abiding by the law to administrate the city, and, jointly with different sectors, upholding the rule of law, which is the core value of SAR society.”

The trade agency noted that the government is maintaining goodwill, objectiveness, justice, discreetness, and a pragmatic attitude and standard in the execution of every administrative procedure, and the handling of every application filed by any interested parties.

The institute emphasized that “the current government has been strictly following the current laws and regulations to analyze and assess each application according to the actual situation of applicants,” adding that the criteria followed assesses six major factors, including, “educational background; professional qualifications, publications, and awards; work experience; job position; basic salary; status of the Macau society and economy, as well as the city’s needs.”

Such assessment and criteria are justified as ensuring that the approved applicants have “exceptional qualities and will benefit Macau’s growth.”

The IPIM also acknowledged that taking into account the changes and developments in society over the past 15 years, the government is now studying a new talent admission policy, which is considered a necessary measure to facilitate the diversified development of the local economy.

“As a result, the assessment of new applications will be carried out according to the standard of future talent development,” the trade agency concluded.

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