Labor bureau finds jobs for over 4,500 people so far

In the first five months of this year, over 4,500 jobseekers have been successfully matched with jobs through government initiatives, the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) announced yesterday in a statement.

According to the statement, between January and May this year, the bureau helped 4,582 people find jobs. In contrast, last year saw only around 6,000 successful matchings.

The success rate in the first five months amounts to 75% of last year’s entire figure, the bureau emphasized, adding that the figure amounts to about 1.6% of the local workforce, as calculated at the end of March.

The bureau also disclosed that, from the start of this year, 62 profession-specific matching sessions and 24 leisure enterprise matching sessions have been organized.

A large-scale recruitment fair co-organized by the bureau and the Macao Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) on May 5 and 6 attracted the participation of 56 enterprises, including those in the tourism, hotel, transport, retail, banking, public utility, culture and MICE sectors.

The bureau emphasized it has not forgotten jobseekers in the construction industry. From early this year to May 22, a total of 361 construction workers have been matched with jobs through the bureau.

On training fresh university graduates, the bureau stated that, since 2020, a specific scheme had connected 503 graduates to jobs. The scheme saw companies offering 5,501 internship posts and accepting 1,681 interns. Of these, 1,351 finished their internships and 710 saw further job offers from the respective companies.

Collaborations with mainland employers have also commenced, the bureau added, to prepare fresh university graduates for career development in and beyond Hengqin.

The bureau added that it has updated its strategies and organized matching sessions targeting different professions in light of the city’s changing workforce needs.

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