Lawmaker inquires about tourism police efficiency

Lawmaker Lei Chan U has asked the government about the results of the city’s tourism policies.
In March 2017, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) established a tourism police force. Currently, there are 60 tourism police officers, while in the beginning there were 30 officers.
“In recent years, the number of Macau’s tourist arrivals has been continuously growing. […] In the first ten months of this year, tourist arrivals increased 8.4 percent year on year. [….] However, there are only around 60 tourism police officers […], whether this scale [of tourism police officers] can cope with the continuously growing number of tourists makes people doubt,” said Lei.
“The tourism police has been established for nearly two years. Has the government authority reviewed the effect of the tourism police officers’ work? Can the current number of tourism police officers cope with the continuous growth of tourist arrival numbers? Will the government authority continue to expand the scale? What improvement plan or measures does the government have regarding the functions of tourism police officers? […] Will the government adjust the stationing of police officers, for instance, to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai- Macau Bridge?” Lei wrote in his inquiry to the government.

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