Lawmaker Ron Lam blames ID for lack of communication on Lin Fong

Lawmaker Ron Lam

Lawmaker Ron Lam has criticized the decision to discontinue public swimming lessons at Lin Fong Swimming Pool without prior consultation or communication with the public.

A group of pool users and swimming coaches complained about the sudden and unexplained termination of public swimming lessons at the swimming pool. In response, the lawmaker organized a press conference for stakeholders to voice their concerns.

According to Lam, Sports Bureau (ID) did not provide any indication about opening up the swimming pool. He also criticized the ID for moving in the wrong direction by reducing quotas instead of expanding them. He was also dissatisfied that the ID used opening up Lin Fong Swimming Pool as a justification for the quota reduction.

Initially, the ID had intended to cease all public swimming lessons. In response to public concerns, the bureau announced that 85% of quotas would be retained. However, Lam was skeptical, pointing out that the original duration of lessons was two months per term. To achieve nominal increases in the quotas, the ID shortened each term to two weeks, effectively reducing the quotas.

A swimming coach surnamed Lou, who spoke at the press conference, questioned if the government considered 90 quotas to be sufficient to cater to at least 4,000 newborns each year. He added that swimming coaching is a profession, and cutting classes would detrimentally impact the future development of the sport.

Furthermore, Lin Fong Swimming Pool hosts local senior water aerobics lessons due to its shallower water and accessible facilities. Noting that many senior residents participate in these lessons based on the recommendations of their medical doctors, Lam questioned why the government did not encourage greater activity and fitness, especially when these require only a small investment but result in significant healthcare savings.

A senior pool user surnamed Lei told the press conference that she had been regularly taking water aerobics at Lin Fong Swimming Pool, which helped her to maintain her health. She pointed out that other swimming pools are less suitable due to the lack of accessible facilities.

A parent of a swimming student surnamed Lei, suggested at the press conference that the government should strike a balance between swimming lessons and other uses at Lin Fong Swimming Pool.

He pointed out that directing all swimming students to the Olympic Aquatic Centre for lessons will create barriers, especially for those living on the Macau side.

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