Lawmakers sworn-in, Kou re-elected as President

Kou Hoi In, lawmaker from the indirect election constituency, has been re-elected as the president of the Legislative Assembly (AL) over the weekend with 32 votes.
The new term of lawmakers were sworn in on the same day, with their first plenary held to elect the managerial body of parliament.
The first agenda of the plenary meeting was presided over by the eldest lawmaker in the term, indirectly-elected Chan Chak Mo, as the president of the AL had not yet been elected.
This AL term has 33 lawmakers. The remaining vote went to José Chui Sai Peng.
Moving on, the lawmakers then elected the vice president, as well as the first and second secretaries of the parliament.
Indirectly-elected Chui Sai Cheong, cousin of José Chui, obtained 30 votes and was re-elected as the vice president of the parliament.
Taking 31 votes, indirectly elected Ho Ion Sang had a de-facto promotion from second secretary in the last term to first in this new one. Meanwhile, directly-elected Si Ka Lon was elected as the second secretary with 30 votes.
This term of the parliament sees one-third of new faces, namely, in the direct election constituency, Ron Lam U Tou, Leong Hong Sai, Ma Io Fong, Che Sai Wang, Lo Choi In, Ngan Iek Hang and Lei Leong Wong.
Cultural worker Chan Hou Seng, tourism industry practitioner Cheung Kin Chung and Principal of Christian Pui Ching Middle School, Kou Kam Fai, are also new faces in this parliamentary term. They are Chief Executive designated legislators.
On the other hand, last term’s directly elected lawmakers Ho Ion Sang and Angela Leong On Kei are now in the indirect election constituency.
Speaking on the sidelines of the plenary, AL President Kou disagreed that the disqualification event would weaken the function of the parliament. He added that the existence of new faces would make the AL more proactive.
On the outlook of the work in this term, the parliamentary head believes that workload of the body will be greater than the last term.
On the other hand, Kou said that the Executive Committee of the parliament will decide future disease control measures. AL

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