Leong Veng Chai warns gov’t of residents’ complaints in Seac Pai Van

1 Seac pai van 1Lawmaker Leong Veng Chai has urged the government to solve crucial matters affecting the daily lives of residents living in the Seac Pai Van residential complex in Coloane. The lack of a sufficient number of shops, markets, fire stations, and other infrastructure, has prompted many residents to file complaints with the lawmaker’s office, he said in a written enquiry.
Leong Veng Chai added that shop owners have also raised concerns regarding the number of residents living in the residential area, since the occupancy rate is still “low.” “Shop owners are not able to make business and might have to close doors at any moment. If that happens, residents will feel even more the lack of facilities and services,” it reads.
Furthermore, the lawmaker recalled that the government had planned to build a number of facilities, such as a fire department, a police station, a market, a MSAR services’ center, and schools, but the plan has yet to be put in motion. “In the lands that should accommodate these facilities, only the foundation phase was completed,” he criticized.
He stressed that the current lack of public facilities and shops leaves current residents’ needs unmet. Leong Veng Chai questioned the government on whether it will provide support for Seac Pai Van shop owners facing business difficulties. The lawmaker also urged the government to provide a calendar for the full occupancy of all residential units in Seac Pai Vai, and for the construction of further public infrastructure. CP

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