Macau education chief promises diverse views on HK unrest

Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Lou Pak Sang

The head of Macau’s Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) has said that his bureau promotes a multi-faceted analysis of Hong Kong’s social unrest.

In an exclusive interview with Shenzhen state-owned media outlet, Shenzhen TV, DSEJ director Lou Pak Sang spoke about teacher salaries, national education, school values, PISA, and other education topics concerning Macau.

When he was asked if he had personally taken the initiative to explain Hong Kong’s ongoing social turmoil to Macau’s teachers and students, Lou claimed that the DSEJ requires a diverse explanation on Hong Kong’s situation be delivered to students.

According to Lou, after the new school semester started, the DSEJ met with the relevant people in charge of local schools to analyze the situation in Hong Kong. The DSEJ requested that Macau’s rectors instruct teachers to “not instill personal political demands or personal political ideas in students.”

The education head stated that “teachers are responsible for bringing multi-faceted materials to students” when discussing current affairs or news, and that teachers should also guide students to make a rational analysis instead of using emotions to make judgments or decisions.

Lou said that the DSEJ demands that schools and teachers “see things from an objective and diverse perspective.”

During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Macau, Lou briefed the national leader on the state of the SAR’s education. Lou said that Xi’s compliments about Macau’s education were a “big encouragement.”

Lou pledges that he and his colleagues will “carefully analyze” Xi’s words and transform them into plans and actions.

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