Macau garrison of PLA celebrates 93rd anniversary

The Macau garrison of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) held a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the army’s founding.
The troops stationed in Macau as well as in Zhuhai organized a simultaneous activity to commemorate August 1, the date of the founding of the military force.
The flag-rising ceremony was followed by speeches to the troops from Commander Xu Liangcai and the political commissar, Sun Wenju, in which they expressed their gratitude and respect for the government of the Macau Special Administrative Region and all citizens of Macau for their ongoing support for the development of the local garrison.
In their speeches, the high-ranking military officials also called on the troops to always remember the trust they receive from the party and the people, urging them to never forget their mission to serve with loyalty and selfless dedication.
Making a special reference to the current Covid-19 global pandemic, the military leaders highlighted that it will have “a huge impact and present new challenges” for the garrison.
They called on the military staff to defend the overall social stability of Macau by continuing to be part of the success of the “One Country, Two Systems” policy framework.

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