Macau, HK residents barred from entering Taiwan

With the exception of three types of Macau and Hong Kong residents, all other residents from the two SARs will be prohibited from entering Taiwan from today until further notice, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center announced yesterday.
As per the announcement yesterday, nearly all Macau and Hong Kong residents will not be permitted to enter Taiwan unless they can demonstrate proof that they are fulfilling a business contract, an employee of an international enterprise under internal transfer, or the spouse or minor children of a Taiwanese residence permit holder.
These groups of people will be required to undergo mandatory monitored home quarantine for 14 days before they can freely move around the island.
In other words, even if they have successfully obtained a visa, Macau and Hong Kong residents will not be allowed to even board their flights. The Taiwanese authority noted that the current ban will be applicable to Macau or Hong Kong residents studying in Taiwan.
Universities on the island have the liberty to amend their teaching plans as required so that students who cannot return to Taiwan for school will have the flexibility to catch up with their study plans. Subsidies will be offered by the Ministry of Education should any extra costs be incurred, the Ministry’s website explained.
The Taiwanese authority said the condition of the epidemic continues to intensify. It was unable to rule out the risk of community outbreak in Macau and Hong Kong. After evaluating the workload of Taiwan’s medical institutions, it decided to impose the measure. AL

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