Macau publishing unaffected by Covid-19 pandemic


According to data compiled by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, a total of 759 books were scheduled for publication in Macau in 2020, down just 30 books from 2019. This suggests that local publishers have not been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Additionally, 766 publications were submitted to the Macao Central Library under the Legal Deposit Regime, including 696 printed books, 68 e-books, and 2 books in other media formats.

IPIM mounted training sessions to help enterprises in MICE

The Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) launched a total of four sessions of the “Exhibitor Training Course for Macau Enterprises,” which was attended by 270 participants across industries. During the training, the participants acquired the central knowledge of the convention — such as preparation know-how and marketing skills — as delivered by industry representatives.

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