Macau Racing Tips: The Beverley 1050 Metres Sand 2020-10-30 | Fri | 20:05


Grexit is racing well on sand with two impressive wins in September and again in October under his belt. This indicates that he love the sand track and has no problem to carried the top weight to score. On Friday he drew an awkward gate in 10, which is not ideal but instead he’s only carry 118 lbs and with a strong jockey in K.H Yu on. His track work looks very good and he has loads of energy in taking this out. Looking at this field he would have a good chance to oblige again, but to make a sensible investment, it is best to slot him in as the banker for your PQ with Verscer and The Macallen, which could be the main threats to Grexit on paper. The race would unfold as how K.H Yu in navigating Grexit in the straight? I believe Yu can do it well, but still gate 10 is a concern especially in sprint races, but his race fitness and race condition is so good as compared to the other runners in the field. No venture no gain, let’s hope Grexit would buy us a good round of drinks this Friday night in Taipa. Cheers!

Race 3 bank Horse no. 7 Grexit in with Horse no.6 Vescer and Horse no. 11
The Macallen in your PQ bet. Davy Chiu

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