Mainland students no longer need certificate of study experience in both SARs

Mainland students who have studied, are currently studying, or will study in Macau will no longer need to pay a special visit to the mainland government departments in the SAR to obtain proof of study experience in the region, according to a statement released yesterday by the Ministry of Education of China.
The same policy applies to those who study in Hong Kong as well.
From January 1 2021, the Liaison Office in Macau and the Liaison Office in Hong Kong will suspend services for issuing certificates that attest to these mainland students’ education footprint in the two SARs.
Previously, mainland students who graduated or obtained a diploma from universities in Macau and Hong Kong had to apply to the aforementioned two government departments for a certificate of study in order to prove that they had an authentic education experience in the two SARs.
As of today, some mainland employers, such as government departments, have determined certificates issued by Hong Kong or Macau not to be sufficient evidence of a job candidate’s educational background. These employers now require evidence to be issued by the mainland government.
However, proof is not required by all mainland companies or government departments. Some employers also have been accepting certificates issued by Macau schools. However, many former students have still chosen to apply for the certificate in order to ensure mainland employers are satisfied.
The Ministry of Education of China has officially suggested that the mainland’s public departments and companies confirm that a job candidate has indeed studied in Macau and Hong Kong, based on graduation certificates, diplomas, enrollment offers, and official travel permits issued by the state.

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