Mak Soi Kun calls for CCTV surveillance system

Lawmaker Mak Soi Kun has written an inquiry to the government in which he suggested the establishment of a CCTV surveillance Sky Net system.

Mak began by recalling some of the recent crimes committed across town and praised the police force for having solved them quickly.

“However, security is like seeing a doctor: prevention is better than treatment […] the social environment changes dramatically in one second; different crime methods continuously surface, and Macau is positively joining the development of the Greater Bay Area. As economies merge and communication among human resources occurs more frequently, the room for cross-border crimes increases as well as the possibility of terrorist attacks,” Mak declared.

“Some residents asked me to ask the government if the administration authority should enhance the use of more advanced technologies. Some residents suggested that besides installing more CCTV cameras, [Macau] can refer to [the] mainland’s practice of using artificial intelligence and big data to predict events, thus establishing a Macau Sky Net,” said Mak, adding that Macau “can introduce a real-time pedestrian detection system in order to establish a three-dimensional social security prevention and control system.”

“The power of the police is limited, whereas the power of the people is unlimited. Will the administration authority upgrade the CCTV surveillance cameras into a CCTV surveillance sky net, [besides the cooperation] among the administration authority, related schools and associations?” Mak asked.

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