Mangkhut | SSM eliminates mosquitos in flooded areas

Yesterday morning, the Health Bureau (SSM) carried out mosquito control and disinfection procedures at R. da Praia do Manduco.

According Lam Chong, chief of the disease control and prevention center of the SSM, there is an increased risk for Dengue fever due to the current weather and impact of typhoon Mangkhut, which has prompted SSM to eliminate mosquitos in several areas across Macau. 

Recently, the SSM carried out mosquito control and disinfection activities in the Inner Harbor, Fai Chi Kei, and St. Lawrence districts.
These areas are the ones said to have been the most affected by the flooding.

According to the SSM, after the flooding, stagnant waters accumulated in several areas of the city, which might accelerate mosquito breeding.

In total, the SSM dispatched 80 staff members to disinfect the water on the streets. The frequency of mosquito control activities also increased from twice monthly to once or twice per week.

Besides eliminating the mosquitos, the SSM also put pesticide into the sewage system to prevent mosquito fertilization.

The elimination work will continue until the middle of November.

Yesterday, the SSM completed the mosquito control works at Ilha Verde and Barra. This elimination process is harmless to citizens.

In addition, the SSM suggests that residents pay attention to their hygiene, in particular, washing their hands frequently.

Lam also recommended that residents frequently remove any traces of stagnant water at home, and to carry out a thorough disposal of trash at home as well.

On Monday, a 30-year- old Filipino tourist was diagnosed with Dengue fever. He had spent one week in Hong Kong before coming to Macau.

The SSM reported that the patient is currently in a stable condition.

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