Masseuse sexually assaulted by customer

A 43-year-old woman has allegedly been a victim of sexual assault at her workplace, a Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesperson said yesterday during the regular press conference of the police forces.

The case came to light after the  non-resident employee from Vietnam, working as a masseuse in a massage parlor in central Macau, called the 999 emergency hotline asking for help from the police.

When the police officers arrived, she told them that the client, a local 45-year-old man working as a doorman, had assaulted her during the massage.

She explained that the man had arrived at the parlor around 2 a.m. May 5 and requested a massage. While she was doing the massage he suddenly got up and tried to rip off her clothes and take off her panties in an attempt to rape her.

After some struggling, she managed to run away from the massage room located on the upper floor of the shop to the lower level calling for other staff members to ring the police.

When the police arrived, the suspect was still in the shop and was intercepted. The case was then transferred to the PJ for investigation.

The PJ investigation called for a medical examination of the woman, which showed clear signs of struggle resulting in scratches and minor wounds on the woman’s right thigh.

The suspect denied the accusation and refused to give any testimony to the police, instead remaining silent.

The case has been transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) May 6 where the man is being charged of sexual coercion, the PJ said.

Man accused of raping, 

extorting a prostitute

In a different case also reported by the PJ yesterday, a 32-year-old man from the mainland is being accused of extorting and raping a 35-year-old mainland woman, who was in Macau working as a prostitute.

The case was reported to the police May 10 and occurred on the previous day at a hotel in the Peninsula central district.

According to the woman, during the sexual service, the client, arranged by a third person, slapped her in the face. She stopped and wanted to leave the room but he prevented her from leaving by a series of threats.

She said that when arriving in the room, the man had asked to see her documents and he saw that she was overstaying in Macau. When the physical assault occurred, he made use of the information to threaten the woman saying that he would report her to the police, thereby forcing her to continue to have sex against her will and also to surrender all her money (MOP6,000) to him.

The woman told the PJ that she had come to Macau sometime earlier after meeting a man through a social media platform. The man allegedly told her that he could help her to get clients in Macau for prostitution, asking for a 50% commission. She said that she never met this man nor had any idea what he looked like.

The PJ said that they are investigating the pimping case separately, and trying to find this third person. They have not yet excluded the possibility that the pimp and the man who allegedly sexually assaulted and extorted the woman are the same person.

The rape and extortion case has already been transferred to the MP. The PJ spokesperson stated that besides these crimes, they are also considering an aggravated criminal charge against’ the suspect since he extorted a person in an illegal immigration situation, a new crime established by recent amendments to the immigration law.

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