May day | Police to see possible record-breaking tourist arrivals

Border checkpoints are ready for the forecasted record-breaking counts of tourist arrival – a 20% hike from the daily record since last year – Ng Kam Wa, commander-in-chief of the Public Security Police Force said yesterday.
The chief was asked about the security force’s preparation for the upcoming long holidays starting from May 1, which will amount to five days in mainland China. Ng remarked that the daily peaks of tourist arrival and border-crossing counts were 36,500 on April 18 and 382,000 on April 16.
As per the estimate made by the police, there will be a 20% increase based on the announced figures.
During the same occasion, Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, disclosed that the introduction of smart policing was progressing smoothly.
He highlighted this year as the implementation year of the initiative and remarked that smart policing has been put to use in the recent “Crystal Fish” tropical cyclone drill.
The senior official offered as an example that progress of the evacuation conducted during the drill was shared on a platform to which all participating bureaus had access. This was part of the smart policing implementation.
He did not rule out using the initiative in the upcoming typhoon season.
The next two years, he added, will see the consolidation of the initiative. AL

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