Melco cuts plate waste by 35%

Melco Resorts & Entertainment announced that it has successfully cut plate waste in employee dining areas by up to 35%.
In 2020, Melco rolled out the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system, Winnow Vision, across its properties to lead the charge against food waste in employee dining room kitchens to target overproduced waste. Tracking detailed food waste data enabled the teams to identify post-consumer waste (i.e. plate waste) as the main source of food wastage in employee dining rooms.
To directly tackle plate waste, Melco collaborated with Winnow and London School of Economics (LSE) on a project to combine Winnow’s new post-consumer waste measurement product, Winnow Sense – a touchless system designed to measure plate waste, with a study to monitor consumer behavior.
The project has been successful, with interventions shown to reduce food waste by as much as 35%, and qualitative feedback from colleagues showing a shift in behavior both at work and at home.

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