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Melco promotes talent diversification for industry diversification needs

Melco Resorts & Entertainment continues to support local talent diversification to meet the needs of the integrated resorts industry’s diversification. Implementing a systematic approach to accelerate talent growth through its Whole Person Development philosophy, Melco’s dedicated talent diversification initiatives, such as its Foundation Acceleration Program (FAP) which was launched in 2015, nurture non-gaming and creative talent and contribute to industry diversification. 

To date, Melco has provided over 195,000 FAP experiences to colleagues, of which 99% were taken by locals. 

In collaboration with Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) and Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM), Melco recently celebrated the graduation of its 17 inaugural Culinary Foundation Acceleration Program (Culinary FAP) local colleague participants and welcomed a group of 15 colleagues who have joined the program’s new term, almost a third of whom are from Melco’s Table Games department. 

The first 18-month Culinary FAP program has been warmly received, with approximately 90% of participants completing the program and over 50% of the graduates receiving promotions in their new roles. Introduced in 2021, Culinary FAP provides cross-functional exposure to the culinary sector for colleagues’ foundation development. As Macau’s first culinary program of its kind, Melco hopes to explore and nurture potential local culinary talent while contributing to the reinforcement of Macau’s position as a Creative City of Gastronomy. 

The event was attended by Mr. Wong Chi Hong, Director of DSAL; Dr. Fanny Vong, President of IFTM; Ms. Lei Lai Keng, Acting Deputy Director of DSAL; Dr. Connie Loi, Vice President of IFTM; Dr. Christy Ng, Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Culinary Arts Management Program of IFTM; and Ms. Wong Vai Ian, Head of Skills Training Division of DSAL. 

Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman & CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, said at the event, “Talent diversification to meet the needs of the industry’s diversification is a key objective of Melco’s Culinary FAP. The program supports colleague trainees with the necessary culinary skills to meet the exciting prospects of the industry’s development and offers career advancement opportunities.”

Mr. Wong Chi Hong, Director of Labour Affairs Bureau, said, “We appreciate Melco’s support towards talent cultivation for local employees through initiatives that help to actively enhance professional skills and create conditions for upward career mobility. With talent being core to enterprise success, we were glad to work with Melco and IFTM on the inaugural Culinary FAP. The Bureau will continue to provide professional training, food safety knowledge, culinary skills certifications and other projects for Culinary FAP to help meet the industry’s demand for professional culinary talent.”

Dr. Fanny Vong, President of Macao Institute for Tourism Studies, said, “Macau’s success as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy over the past four years has been made possible through the concerted efforts of the government, enterprises and educational institutions. The parties have each fulfilled and utilized their respective functions and advantages to cultivate outstanding and creative culinary talent, laying the foundations for Macau’s unique positioning in the development of a sustainable culture of gastronomy. Melco’s FAP allows instructors to share their professional knowledge with trainee colleagues while providing an opportunity to stay up to date with the industry’s latest trends for the further enrichment of teaching and research materials.”

Also, ahead of the opening of Melco’s Studio City Phase 2, a special three stage FAP program has been formulated for colleagues to experience, receive exposure and enrich knowledge and skills in non-gaming hotel operations. To date, there have been approximately 8,300 gaming colleague participations in the program to help broaden experience and perspectives and benefit personal and career development goals. The three stages of the Studio City Phase 2 FAP include Experiential Tours of the property to practice and observe typical working days in roles from various departments, Roadshows to help colleagues learn about further FAP or internal transfer opportunities, and Training for service immersion and brand training as well as on-the-job training and coaching. 

According to a post-experience survey, 88% of Studio City Phase 2 FAP participants found the property tours helpful for developing a better understanding of different jobs within Melco’s resorts, while 86% participants found the experience beneficial for their present roles, helping them appreciate how various departments support one another. 

Melco is also aware of the importance of career development opportunities for talent retention. The Company promotes career development through in-house opportunities, where policy mandates that most vacancies be internally posted, and where qualifications are equal, priority should be given to the internal candidate. Melco’s hiring philosophy is “Hire for attitude, potential, and image, and train on skills”. This approach facilitates cross-functional career paths because it relies more on transferrable traits than prior experience of job specifics. As such, the Company has offered over 31,000 internal promotions and transfers since its inception.

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