MGM and DSAL launch trainings for different professionals

In view of providing more targeted trainings for different types of professionals, MGM collaborated with the Macau Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) again to launch the “Professional Workforce Development Series” for its team members. Categorized into three divisions, namely “Occupational Quality Training”, “Professional Certification” and “Career Development Program”, these series will offer professional trainings for an estimate of over 7,000 MGM team members, the gaming operator said in a statement.
Through providing this series of training to its team members, MGM hopes to equip them to cope with challenges in their career path, so as to enhance the overall quality of local talent.
Hubert Wang, president & chief operating officer of MGM said, “This year, the trainings extend to more areas of professions, which is expected to help elevating the company’s overall soft power by nurturing more team members.”

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