MGM Awakening Lion – a traditional revived

Chinese culture spans millennia and continues to inspire. Among its rich tapestry, the Lingnan culture stands out with its distinctive geographic and historical heritage that blends east and west, and fuses tradition and innovation. Time changes everything, but tradition endures. 

The lion dance is a hallmark of the Lingnan heritage. In its early phase, the lion dance has two main styles: Southern Lion and Northern Lion. In modern times, there has been a combination of the two types of lion dance -Southern Lion Northern Dance, applying Northern lion dance footwork to the Southern lion dance form. The Southern Lion, highlighting the element of “Awakening”, adopts kung fu moves and postures, using the waist as an axis and the coordination of the upper and lower limbs. 

Horse Stance (Mabu), Bow Stance (Gongbu), Butterfly Stance (Dandiebu), Double Butterfly Stance (Shuangdiebu), Bow Stance and Probe Claw, XFJ450°(Xuanfengjiao), these signature techniques of Southern Fist (Nanquan) are increasingly shown in many films and have long been regarded as an important element of Chinese culture. Nowadays, Nanquan is not just a martial art for improving physical health, also has a high degree of artistic and ornamental value. 

MGM Awakening Lion”, is a large-scale Chinese dance drama that the bold beauty of the lion dance, and Nanquan is complemented by the gentle, elegant dance piece. It strikes a delicate balance between the flux and the fixed, the new and the old, utilizing the world’s largest permanent indoor LED screen and other advanced stage equipment of MGM Theater, to break all boundaries between arena and act. The result is a visual-stimulating extravaganza that defines and redefines the past and the future.

“Wherever there is Chinese, there is Lion Dance.” The must-see techno-cultural dance drama is about connecting all the Chinese people around the world. Let’s expect the continuous shine of Lingnan culture to release the unique charms with the creative transformation!

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