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MGM holds blessing ceremony for dragon boat team

MGM held the annual blessing ceremony for its Dragon Boat Team at the Nam Van Lake Nautical Center, extending best wishes to 56 MGM team members.

Comprised of over 85% of local employees, the Dragon Boat Team will compete across three categories.

MGM Dragon Boat Team achieved extraordinary results at the Macao International Dragon Boat Races 2021. With its exceptional capability and perseverance, the Golden Lion Team won two first runners-up in the Macao Standard Dragon Boat Race – Women Category (500m) and Macau Small Dragon Boat Race – Women Category (200m).

Fong Wai Bing, one of the members of the women’s team, said, “With the undivided support of our company, we devoted ourselves to months of intensive training, striving to carry out our best performance and attain good results in the coming races.” 

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