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MGM junior lion dance summer class marks 10th anniversary

The “MGM Junior Lion Dance Summer Class” is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, marking a new milestone in MGM’s commitment to preserving traditional Chinese culture.

Applications for this year’s summer class tripled last year’s record, enabling MGM to increase recruitment to 100 participants. The 10-week class teaches children ages 5 to 8 the history and basic movements of lion dance, using various props and musical instruments.

The orientation recently drew almost 250 young lion dancers and parents to MGM Macau.

The summer class has trained over 540 lion dancers over the years. Outstanding performers can join MGM’s year-round Lion Dance Training Program, which has 180 members representing Macau in local and international competitions.

MGM aims to encourage children to make good use of their summer breaks with lion dance training, strengthening their physical fitness, teamwork and cultural identity.

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