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MGM participates in international gastronomy festival in Macau

MGM Macau helped co-organize the recent “International Cities of Gastronomy Fest, Macao” from June 14-23. As a co-organizer with Macau’s tourism office and nearly 30 other UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy, MGM aimed to showcase the unique blend of tourism and cuisine through events like the International Gastronomy Promenade and forum. During the 10-day event, MGM’s food stall was popular for local delicacies like Macanese curry crab and roasted suckling pig sandwiches. MGM chefs also demonstrated innovative Macanese dishes and spoke at the gastronomy forum about culinary resilience.

To extend the celebrations, MGM brought guest chef Roberto Pongolini of Parma, Italy to its Coast restaurant until June 29. There, Pongolini and MGM chefs offered a tasting menu incorporating Italian classics with modern touches and workshops on Parma’s renowned cuisine.

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