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MGM Promotes Macau as an Art and Culture Destination

With a commitment to connecting the world through art, MGM has been striving to promote Macau as a cultural art destination and enhance public interest in the city’s arts & culture, positioning Macau as an international metropolis with its rich culture and heritage background. Since 2013, MGM started to nurture arts & culture docents, making it the only integrated resort (IR) operator offering regular art tours for the public. MGM also customizes study tours for groups that aspire to explore more in MGM and Macau, including intangible cultural heritage, cultural tourism development and so on. These endeavors allow students to discover MGM’s innovation and breakthroughs in arts & culture, offering a field learning opportunity to nurture future talents in this sector.

In the first half of 2024, MGM has collaborated with different schools and organizations in both Macau and Hong Kong, providing study tours related to arts & culture in MGM for nearly 361 students. Earlier, the Company arranged a dedicated “Study Tour on Intangible Cultural Heritage” for a total of 160 teachers and students from Hong Kong’s St. Paul’s School (Lam Tin). They went on a journey to appreciate MGM’s art collections and special exhibitions on intangible heritage, as well as how the Company integrated intangible cultural heritage like Guangzhou clay sculpture and Cantonese embroidery into art of living. Besides, 83 Primary 3 students focusing on experiential learning at Pui Ching Middle School, came to MGM in June to learn more about Macau’s role as a hub for tourism and leisure. During this study tour, they were exposed to MGM’s creativity of arts & culture while experiencing the synergy of “tourism+”.

In addition, MGM organized a tour for a total of 35 Form 4 students and teachers from Hong Kong’s St. Rose of Lima’s College. The tour comprised the introduction of MGM’s arts & culture development and the revitalization initiatives in the Barra district, raising public enthusiasm for the city’s history and culture. To further assist students in developing their future career paths, MGM also hosted a “Career Lead” study tour for over 80 Year 2 students majoring in design at Macau Polytechnic University, together with a “behind the scenes” introduction of IR operation and tourism industries.

Moving forward, MGM will continue to underline Macau as an educational tourist destination, while expanding its range of “tourism+” offerings, further advancing Macau’s diverse development.


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