Create priceless memories this winter with your loved ones at MGM
COTAI. This one-of-a-kind holiday event is inspired and dedicated to the winter sports season, and features an exciting line-up of festive entertainment and activities, as well as gourmet pleasures to delight your palate like never before. Discover the ultimate getaway experience here and get ready for some amazing sportive adventures! 

Step into the Spectacle and feast your eyes on the glittering winter-sports-themed decorations all around you. The striking centerpiece, The Ski Tree, is a large-scale six-meter-tall installation, created using snowboards to celebrate the much-loved winter sport. Not only it is a symbol of life and strength, it is also a tribute from MGM to this year’s biggest sport event. 

When it comes to celebration, bigger is indeed better. On display via the colossal LED screen is a visual feast of the most exhilarating winter sports to inspire your inner athlete. More fun-filled moments await at the Spectacle. Dive into a magical ocean and meet our charming new penguin friends at the ‘Sea Odyssey’, as they prance and swim with their aquatic mates in this upbeat show. The giant LED screen behind lights up the sports atmosphere, giving an agile and energetic edge to the popular marine performance.

The MGM Spectacle continues to mesmerize with its underwater inhabitants; but this season, the experience is made even more enchanting with the sounds of sweet melody and singing from the ‘Music Marathon’. Presented by MGM and StarMusic Center, this 2-hour music extravaganza brings together 60 junior pianists performing a continuous flow of 

30 classic winter songs – just like a marathon. The performance starts from 3pm to 5pm on 26th December, so make sure you don’t miss out on this special sonic offering.

Boost your journey with some unique decorations to liven up the festivities at home, as well as to celebrate the season of winter sports. Drop by the MGM MACAU Pastry Bar or MGM COTAI Art de Christmas Booth for Handmade Christmas Pieces. Inspired by the winter sports theme and made with everyday objects, each Christmas piece is handcrafted by the MGM Floral team, ensuring your holidays blossom with vibrant color and sportive cheer.

Make your day even merrier with a sweet escape at Anytime. The special menu features a unique winter-sports-inspired afternoon tea set that will send you on an athletic journey full of wonders. For those looking to get creative, roll up your sleeves and join the Festive Donut Decoration Workshop and Gingerbread Cookie Decoration Workshop, where you can create your own wintry dessert – a delicious way to share the holiday cheer. Find out more details about the sporty culinary delights on the next page. 

MGM COTAI is ready to take your holiday season to new levels of wintry fun and excitement. Immerse in the winter-sports vibe and soak in the holiday cheer with friends and family for an unforgettable celebration.

Wintery Sweet Escape at MGM

As the year draws to a close with the winter holidays ahead of us, it is the perfect time to welcome the new year ahead. MGM is bringing the snowy winter charms to MGM COTAI, welcoming all guests to immerse into the true sparks of winter wonderland in Macau, with a delightful array of seasonal dining delicacies.

Winter Festive Pastry

Bringing vividness to the cold winter days, a limited-edition box set of five-colored donuts is specially created by MGM’s pastry team to bring a warm, happy smile for everyone. Each donut comes with a velvety cream filling of specific flavors, from green tea, chocolate, dulcey chocolate, to strawberry and lemon. Inspired by winter sports and seasonal ingredients, every Saturday and Sunday in December, indulge in all the sweets your heart desires with the Winter Festive Sugar Crush, where you can pick your favorites from an all-you-can-savor lineup of over 20 kinds of winter-themed desserts and warm, savory snacks. There will be also Winter Festive Afternoon Tea Set an assortment of 10 flavors seasonal pastries and savory bites.

Winter Festive Afternoon Tea Set and Cheese & Chocolate Fondue

Get cozy with a pot of Cheese Fondue that features a conventional recipe of three types of Swiss cheeses: Gruyère, Tête de Moines and Emmental, melted in low heat along with white wines and Kirsch. While overlooking the wintery snow sports village at the Spectacle, fill your heart and appetite with our Chocolate Fondue, a pleasantly sinful blend of 58% dark chocolate with a dash of white and milk chocolate. This pot of guilty pleasure is served with fresh fruits, marshmallow, homemade madeleine, and other petite pastries to double the joy of indulgence. Another must-try for chocolate aficionados is the Cocoa Bombs – a one-of-a-kind hot chocolate specialty drink. Enjoy the aroma and beautiful sight of a chocolate balloon loaded with marshmallow and cocoa powder melting into a velvety hot chocolate with steaming hot Japanese milk – and it gets extra delicious to savor under a winter ski village setting at the Spectacle.

Continue to celebrate the holidays with a delightful showcase of festive treats, such as Hot Cocoa, traditional Gluhwein, and other small individual cakes to adopt a celebratory presentation.

Cocoa Bomb and Winter Festive Donuts

With a tummy full of delicious treats, why not get your hands on to create your own goodies to bring home with? Join us at our Winter Festive Donut Decoration Workshop and Gingerbread Icing Cookie Decoration Workshop on weekends and enjoying some quality parent-children time making your very own edible masterpieces. Turn your imaginations into reality during our fun and interactive decorating workshops during weekends in December. Each session is priced at MOP 150; a 50% discount is offered upon presenting same-day receipt of any food and beverage spending within MGM MACAU and MGM COTAI.

Winter Festive Sugar Crush

From now until January 29, 2022, Anytime will open till 12am every Thursday to Saturday, where you can celebrate the happiest season and share the moments under the starry snowy night. There will also be an extensive selection of seasonal gifts to save everyone from the hassle of festive shopping for loved ones. Let’s celebrate as we look forward to 2022! For more information, please visit or call (853) 8806 8888.

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