Taste of Edesia

Mix of cultures for celebration

Now that the covid situation is calmed, it’s time to think about how to celebrate upcoming festivals with some of the best food items available in Macau.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner. A tradition that sees families gather to cherish the beauty of the full moon, the date is symbolised by deliciously indulgent mooncakes. This year, The Londoner Macao’s British-themed Churchill’s Table is marking the key cultural event by launching two limited-edition mooncake gift boxes, featuring delectable mooncakes, creatively packaged in designs inspired by the famous London Eye Ferris wheel and classic red phone box.

Adopting a warm red and gold colour scheme, Churchill’s Table Assorted Mooncakes Box recreates the iconic London Eye landmark. Spin the ingeniously crafted wheel, and the six passenger capsules, each bearing an exquisite mini mooncake, will come to life and offer a sweet surprise. Inside it contains six mini mooncakes in three flavours. The classic golden lotus seed paste with egg yolk mooncake that follows traditional cooking methods, blending top-quality lotus seeds with malt sugar to achieve a caramelised aroma, and adding premium salted egg yolk for a richer taste. The much-coveted lava egg custard mooncake, with runny filling made from premium egg yolk and milk, and a soft, buttery crust, will impress even the most demanding food connoisseurs. Finally, the red bean paste with mandarin peel mooncake is crammed with top-quality aged mandarin peel and slow-simmered beans, leaving an aromatic aftertaste.

For those who prefer traditional mooncakes, Churchill’s Table Classic Mooncakes Box (Special Edition) is the perfect choice, with stunning packaging recreating London’s iconic red telephone box and exquisite flavours that will evoke memories of wonderful family reunions with every bite. The creamy golden lotus seed paste is crafted in the timeless method, elevated by the finest salted egg yolk. The crust is embossed with the delicate three-dimensional pattern of an English teapot, embodying a perfect mix of cultures.

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