MOP113 million price tag for Cotai’s new temporary arena

The government has extended invitations to six companies to take part in the tender process for the construction of Cotai’s new 50,000-seat temporary outdoor performance venue, aimed at enhancing the city’s cultural and tourism growth.

The project, which is expected to take 107 days to complete, has received six bids ranging from MOP84 million to MOP113 million, according to the Public Works Bureau.

The selected venue will feature a reinforced concrete platform, complementary electromechanical systems, and water drainage facilities, as well as mobile amenities such as restrooms, offices and rest areas.

Leong Chun Kit, a member of the Islands Social Advisory Committee, believes the venue’s completion will “inject new vitality into Macau’s cultural and tourism development and community economy.”

The outdoor performance arena is expected to attract more high-profile concerts and large-scale events to Macau, enhancing the city’s competitiveness in the international performing arts market, he said.

Also, Leong remarked that the venue is expected to extend tourist stays and revitalize community spending.

Therefore, he also called on the government to strategically place temporary market stalls, food trucks, and retail booths around the venue to provide more business opportunities for local merchants.

However, the influx of up to 50,000 concertgoers is expected to put significant pressure on the nearby transport infrastructure.

The government has acknowledged the need for a comprehensive traffic diversion plan, including the provision of specialized bus stops, temporary parking areas, and clear signage to nearby light rail stations, to ensure the safe and convenient dispersal of the audience.

The selection of the Cotai site, located at the intersection of Avenida do Aeroporto and Rua de Ténis, is seen as a strategic move to reduce disturbance to the community.

This decision comes after residents raised concerns about the noise and traffic disruption caused by a previous K-pop concert held at the Taipa Stadium. Victoria Chan

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