Nearly 400 people checked during police winter anti-crime operations

The two police authorities conducted their first on-site “winter anti-crime operations” Tuesday and Wednesday nights, checking nearly 400 individuals in total.

Under the coordination by the Unitary Police Service (SPU), the Public Security Police Force (PSP) and the Judiciary Police (PJ) deployed about 200 officers and inspectors to entertainment, casino and shopping districts as part of the commencement of their winter anti-crime operations this year.

Tuesday evening, 38 PJ inspectors checked 126 individuals in Cotai and discovered that 24 of them had conducted illegal currency exchange practices. They were taken to the police station for further investigation.

Wednesday night, 124 PSP officers, including the police dog team, conducted operations across the city. They checked a total of 261 individuals and took 78 back to the police station. Of the 78, 50 were involved in illegal currency exchange, two in illegal sex services, and two were on overstayed visas. Thirteen drivers were fined for various violations.

In other initiatives, and under the lead of the SPU, both the PSP and PJ held familiarization sessions with local community associations to enlist their assistance in improving security.

The police also conducted promotional operations in commercial areas to spread awareness of anti-crime measures before the Lunar New Year. AL

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