Nepalese nationals to be repatriated by end of June

The Consulate General of Nepal will hold a chartered flight to repatriate stranded nationals who have been laid off due to the pandemic outbreak.
The Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) told local broadcaster TDM that it is coordinating at least 80 people in the city who are set to leave at the end of the month.
Early last month, in response to a Times inquiry, the Consulate-General stated that it was aware of the group of about 60 Nepalese nationals who are currently stranded in Macau, adding that they are in contact with a local association that is coordinating the provision of assistance and collecting information.
A representative for Nepalese workers who have lost their jobs said that all the stranded people were working in the security sector, with most of them at two local gaming operators. At the moment, the vast majority of them are sharing a single apartment.
The chartered flight, scheduled to leave by the end of this month, will depart from the Hong Kong International Airport, given that these nationals present a medical certificate proving that they have tested negative for Covid-19.
The deadline for registering for the chartered flight on the association’s Facebook page was on Saturday.
Meanwhile, president of NRNA Macau, Sudarshan Thapa Magar, said that Nepalese nationals who are in need of financial help to purchase tickets could be assisted by the association.
Once their names have been submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nepal, as well as Hong Kong and Macau immigration, and have been approved, they can purchase tickets from an agency handled by NRNA.
Nepalese passport holders are required to hold a valid Hong Kong visa when visiting or in transit. However, Magar said that these nationals would be exempt from the visa requirements.
This weekend, on June 27 and 29, Sands China Ltd and Menzies Macau will charter flights back to the Philippines for their workers who have mostly been laid off.

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